Office 365 Training

Learning to use Office 365 – quickly, effectively and inexpensively!

WE look to provide customised end user Office 365 training which will significantly improve your skills and effectively enhance your contribution to improving your organisation’s work processes. Our exclusive training programme aims to equip you to offer maximum productivity – thanks to learning the capabilities and benefits of Office 365.

Our tailor-made training will enable you to immediately use Office 365 for better communications; improved team collaboration; maximising resources; and work quicker and more effectively with your customers, your fellow workers, and your organisation’s partners and associates.

Making YOU more productive

Our on-premise and online training courses have been designed and developed to swiftly produce beneficial results in your work contribution and output. You will immediately become more productive and work smarter by absorbing our best practice guidelines – progressively learning by using our manuals, screen-casts and quality information materials.

Expert back-up for YOU – SEVEN days a week

Our Office 365-certified instructors and tutor-teams know their subject inside out. As you learn what you need at your own pace, our pool of professionals are always on hand to help with sympathetic guidance and expert advice. We will respond to your queries quickly and concisely. Awareness that this back-up is always available to you ensures your peace of mind.

Delivering Office 365 training needs

Ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency from the Office 365 suite of products demands new users are given skilled vocational training. We offer numerous options – on training content and delivering that content in the most practical and effective manner.

Every organisation faces the challenge of providing quality training whilst maintaining maximum operational efficiency and meeting its targets. Innovative online technology now allows them to achieve this – yet still get the work done.

365 collaboration Training Online provides state-of-the-art vocational on-site and on-line training which has led to our methods being adopted on a global basis.

Our inexpensive courses are ideal for those who appreciate the value of enhancing their learning experience by getting completely away from the daily distraction of telephones, e-mails, and the workplace environment.

Our SharePoint-certified instructors and tutor-teams themselves use SharePoint every day. So they have hands-on experience and first-hand skills in imparting relevant information on its use in the workplace.


TRAINING is a key part of driving user adoption and for organisations that seek a competitive advantage through their investment in human resources. We can help by custom designing your Office 365 training programmes.

It has been proven that staff who have been trained in working with SharePoint systems make fewer mistakes; are more productive; and become markedly more engaged within their organisation.
We can help create custom training programmes, course content and instructional schedules as required in consultation with one of our subject matter experts.

We specialise in the development of custom training materials including instructor-led and web-based courses. We have created a wide variety of training materials for our clients, and we offer competitively priced, tailored courses to specifically support your training needs.

Our forthcoming courses

  • Office 365 for End Users
  • Office 365 SharePoint Online End Users
  • Office 365 SharePoint Online Advanced
  • Office 365 Power Apps and Flow Introduction
  • Power BI Introduction